Sheffield is known as the climbing capital of the UK due to superb climbing opportunities within minutes of the city centre.  You can finish work on a summer’s evening and twenty minutes leave the hustle behind and be in splendid isolation among some spectacular crags which run for miles.


And if the weather is a little too bleak you can always build up your skills on the various indoor centres where novices and young children can develop their skills and the experts finely tune their techniques. Take a look at: Awesome Walls, Climbing Works, The Foundry, and The Matrix.


Numerous renowed climbers have learned and developed their skills on the gritstone edges and climbing walls. Among them is Joe Simpson who has a Sheffield Legends star in front of the Town Hall. He became visible in the general public’s eye when a wrote a book ‘Touching the Void’ and which was subsequently made into a film. It describes a fall on a Peruvian peak which broke his leg and how he crawled off the mountain and survived.

IMG_1887       Touching the Void